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Mjölby Storband is a traditional big band from Sweden that started 1966 by Svante Johansson together with some of his friends. Svante Johansson, still active in the band, has supplied this orchestra with many arrangements during the years. The repertoire, which originally and foremost was influenced by Basie and Herman, has evolved to contain more than 1500 arrangements with different styles of jazz music including modern jazz, traditional swing and folk music. There is special repertoire for dancing included. Many acknowledged guests are among the musicians and voclaists that has been featured by Mjölby Storband.

Music director is Glenn Fransson and Chairman of the board is Mats Tykesson.   Mail address is info@mjolbystorband.se

Mjölby Storband schedule for 2019

- January 25 - Tranås, Kick-off Nordic Entertainment Group (private)

- April 14 - Mjölby, Concert together with Maria Möller, singer/actor (public)

- May 15 - Stockholm, Concert together with Anna Kruse, singer and composer (public)

- August 14 - Mjölby, Musik i Gästis together with the singer/actor Maria Möller (public)

- September 14 - Linköping, Mjölby Big band together with Lusen Big Band
  at "
Svensk Blåsmusikfestival" (public)

- October 20 - Mjölby, Consert together with Bengan Janson (public)

Details (in Swedish), see Program 2019



Bengan Janson will visit Mjölby Big band for a concert in Mjölby the 20th of October.  . 

Maria Möller visted Mjölby Big Band in April in a concert showing her skills in singing, acting and copycating celebrities. Standing ovations. You can see and listen to her again i August perfoming together with Mjölby Big band at "Musik i Gästis".

Mjölby Big Band showed up on Swedish TV in May as part of the reality show Lailaland (Lailla Bagge with family and friends). Captured when the band was playing at the NEG event in January. (FB link)

Fredrik Lindborg, one of Sweden's hottest saxophoneplayer visited Mjölby Big Band for a jazzclinic in september and a concert the 4th of November 2018. His official website (click here)

Jacob Huddén, the city of Norrköping's own Frank Sinatra joined Mjölby Storband in June and July for some concerts in Mjölby and in Germany. Take a look at the music videos taken at concerts in Germany.(click here).


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Booking: info@ mjolbystorband.se

Contact: Mats Tykesson +46 706 821766.


Listen, dance, enjoy Mjölby Big Band